Keyser Farm’s goal is to train customer’s horses with supreme care and professionalism. This is accomplished through an established routine for each horse so that he/she quickly learns what is expected of them. This encourages a more willing frame of mind for learning and participation from our horses in training. Our technique provides the finest trained horses available for excellent riding experiences in or out of the show ring.

Horses in training are ridden on a regular, rotating schedule with at least 4-5 rides each per week. Our customers are invited once per week to see their horse being ridden and evaluate his/her progress. Our top-notch facility includes 29 matted, boxed stalls in our heated barn, with indoor bathing facilities. Stalls are cleaned daily and horses are grained, fed and watered twice daily. Horses in training are also turned out when weather permits. In colder winter months, horses are rotated for turn out in the indoor arena for exercise. The monthly training fee is $900

In case of additional needed services, the following rates would apply:

1. Additional Halter horse fees: $125/month (i.e. vitamin/supplements/muscle)

2. Minor medications such as bute, penicillin, etc.

3. Blanket, sheet, slinky

4. Blanket and sheet laundering as well as repairs on them

5. Show supplies not needed at home, such as fans, stall decorations, signs, etc.

6. Farrier and vet charges

7. Lay up fee of $20 per day for injury, illness, etc.

8. Commission on all sales

All show and travel expenses are additional as follows:

1. Mileage charges .85 cents per mile. ($50 minimum)

2. Daily show expenses of $150 per weekend

3. Lodging will be billed at $75 per per night, split equally among the clients

4. All stall and bedding charges at the show

5. All entry fees or other related showing fees (pre-entries subject to office charge)

6. Mane banding

7. 25%-50% of all earnings

8. All other relevant show expenses (i.e. gate passes, parking passes, tack stall, etc.)

9. Owner agrees to settle their account at the show office when attending a show

All balances must be paid in full by the 15th of the month or a late fee will apply.

All charges are subject to change. All charges must be paid in full before horses will be released.